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August 01, 2018

Haida Stories and Songs with Kung Jaadee

Written by Alyssah Pointon and Rekha Pavanantharajah, ArtStarts in Schools

This year’s June weekend programming was held in recognition of National Indigenous People’s Day and we were so lucky to share in this day with the extraordinary Haida storyteller, Kung Jaadee.

Kung Jaadee opened her performance with a warm welcome in her traditional Haida language. As she spoke in her traditional language we felt the warmth and power in her message.

This performance was a special one. The audience listened while Kung Jaadee took the time to share the origins of her name. As she shared her story, we quickly learned that Kung Jaadee means “Moon Woman” in Haida. Kung Jaadee spoke about the importance of being able to speak her language, because it wasn’t long ago in Canadian history when it was illegal to speak in her traditional language. Imagine not being to say your name out loud in your own language? This was a crucial moment of reflection for us, particularly on National Indigenous People’s Day. The audience witnessed her strength and resilience as she stood in front of them sharing her story today, and speaking in her language.

Kung Jaadee transitioned effortlessly into a story and song as she began to sing two beautiful Raven songs while playing her hand drum. She taught the audience how to say the word “Raven” in Haida. It was so that we could listen to the word as it was woven into the stories about traditional people seeing and hearing the Raven speak wisdom to them.

Kung Jaadee’s farewell greeting was a reminder to love ourselves.

When Kung Jaadee isn’t busy publishing books about traditional Haida legends, she travels the province performing in schools across B.C. bringing her passion for her culture and language to young audiences. If you are inspired by her work and want to bring her to your school, please visit here.   

Thank you to Kung Jaadee for celebrating National Indigenous Peoples’ Day with us and for sharing your stories and songs.


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