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ArtStarts Explores: Our Province at Play

ArtStarts Explores: Our Province at Play is the same great programming we offer at the ArtStarts' Gallery—online!

Young artists can continue creating together, practice physical distancing, and connect with fellow explorers from across the province and beyond! ArtStarts invites all families to this fun and free online drop-in program where they can investigate and discover the world around them through observing, touching, drawing, moving, getting messy, and listening to inspire creative learning.


The word collage means "to stick together" in French. While most people think collage is only for visual arts (sticking things on a page), if we think about it, we can stick together a lot of things: different pieces of music can be stuck together to create new songs and musical styles; quilting is when we fabric, often with different patterns, and sew it together. This month, we are going to explore how the act of taking something apart and putting it together again in different ways can help us learn new ways of looking and creating! Let's make something new together!