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Activate Your Child's Learning

With your help, we can expand the role of the arts in education for young learners across BC.

You are the best advocate for your child's education. You can play a powerful role in supporting your child's school to access the arts and creativity to make learning come to life for all styles of learners.

Learning in and through the arts make it possible for every young person to grow into the compassionate leaders, the global thinkers, the agents for change that their futures rely upon.

A group of young people inside a yurt making felt crafts

Apply for Grants to Support Arts in Education

ArtStarts disburses many grants that supports arts activities in schools. Tell your child's teacher, principal and PAC to apply for these funding opportunities, including Artists in the Classroom grants, which bring professional artists into schools for rich learning experiences and Cherniavsky's Mr Music Fund, which assists with the cost of students tickets to attend quality live performances of classical and traditional music, opera and ballet.
A group of young people and  an educator in a classroom setting. Several of the children are have their hands interlocked with o

Encourage Creative Classrooms

Tell your child's teacher that ArtStarts offers professional development opportunities for teachers to build their creative confidence. ArtStarts also provides practical resources for teachers, including Know Wonder Learn charts about touring artists. For inspiration, on our blog, we regularly feature teachers and artists who are bringing learning to life through the arts.
Artists on stage in a school auditorium as young learners sit on the floor with their hands on their heads mirroring the perform

Advocate for School Performances

Encourage your child's teacher, principal and PAC to bring the best performing artists for young audiences into your school. ArtStarts' Artists on Tour Directory features over 90 professional artists available to tour in BC, representing a wide range of artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. Being quality exposed to live performances at a young age can open a child's mind to discover new interests and to think in a different way.
A group of young people performing on stage mid-dance

Become an Arts Champion

Discover what’s possible in education when the arts activated. Support your child's teacher in their efforts to bring creativity into the classroom. You can do this by learning more about the various modes of arts in education, including arts integration, and playing an active role in encouraging them to explore and experiment with the arts in their own classroom to develop curious and motivated 21st century learners.
Young people gathered in the ArtStarts Gallery sitting on mats

Visit the ArtStarts Gallery

The ArtStarts Gallery is the only free, public gallery in Canada exclusively dedicated to young people's art. Located in downtown Vancouver, the gallery is an invaluable resource for learning more about the value arts in education, as well as the many forms it can take. Guided tours and workshops are also available for schools, day camps or other group. If you can't visit the gallery in person, explore our current and past exhibitions online, including virtual gallery tour videos.
A bookshelf in the ArtStarts Gallery

Explore the Resource Hub

ArtStarts maintains a growing collection of books on many topics of interest, including Creativity, Arts Integration and more. Browse our collection online and visit us in person to borrow a book.
A parent and a young person sitting on a concrete floor with their limbs in motion

Get Creative Together

Engaging with your child in creative activities is an incredible way to play and learn together. ArtStarts is delighted to offer free community programming in the arts for kids and families to enjoy together, including our monthly ArtStarts on Saturdays and ArtStarts at River Market events with professional artists, as well as our weekly ArtStarts Explores series that celebrates discovery, inquiry and exploring the creative process.
A group of young people in an auditorium carrying banners on sticks over their head

Support ArtStarts

Stand with us to witness the power of the arts in education for young people firsthand. Make a monthly or annual contribution and join our growing alliance of advocates for young people.