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Know-Do/Inquire-Understand Charts and Study Guides

Artists on ArtStarts' Artists on Tour Directory provide Know-Do/Inquire-Understand Charts (formally Know-Wonder-Learn) to enhance students' experience before, during and after the performance or workshop.

If Artists have study guides, they are advised to send them to the school at least two weeks prior to their performance, to help educators prepare their students for the performance.



Know-Do/Inquire-Understand Charts and Study Guides

Information for Schools

Below is a list of Study Guides and Know-Wonder-Learn Charts currently available from the performing artists in the Artists on Tour Directory. **Please note we are in the process of updating Know-Wonder-Learn charts to Know-Do/Inquire-Understand charts to align with updates made to the BC Curriculum**. To download a PDF, simply right-click one of the links below and save it to your computer. These documents can also be accessed via individual artists' pages in the Artists on Tour Directory.


Study Guide

Know-Wonder-Learn Chart

All Bodies Dance Project

Andy the Musical Scientist

Axé Capoeira

Axis Theatre Company

Bohemia Dance Productions

Boris Sichon


Candice George

Candy Bones Theatre

Digital Guise

Ginalina West Coast Music

Goh Ballet Youth Company

Gord Grdina

Grupo América

Ivan Coyote

Jacky Essombe

Jamie Oliviero

Jess Dance

Jessie Farrell & The Gumboot Kids

Just Us - Jo Jo Dancer & Erica Dee

Michael Mitchell - Canada is For Kids

Ndidi Cascade

Paul Silveria


Professor Wow

Red Sky Performance

Rhythm Resource


SABALI! (of Cirque Jeunesse en Equilibre)

SAM2 by Scrap Arts Music

Shayna Jones

Stephanie Morin-Robert Performance Society

Story Theatre Company


The Blues Berries

The Myrtle Sisters

The Well Worn Trail

Tiny Islands

Tribal Vision Dance

Twin Kennedy

Unity Charity

Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble

Vancouver TheatreSports® League

West My Friend