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Artists in the Classroom Directory
Artist Application Guidelines

Applications closed for 2021-22 School Year due to COVID-19

Are you a practicing professional artist interested in expanding your work in schools? Do you thrive on applying your practice to a classroom environment? Do you want to inspire young people to learn about the world and themselves through the arts?  

The Artists in the Classroom Directory (AICD) is a list of practicing professional artists from a variety of disciplines who are interested in working on projects with young people in a classroom setting. The AICD is a useful resource for educators, arts/community presenters, cultural programmers, etc. interested in engaging artists with this range of experience. It is also a valuable self-promotion tool for artists looking for these types of opportunities. The Artists in the Classroom Directory is most commonly used by teachers and artists wanting to apply for an Artists in the Classroom grant.

You do not have to be on the Artists in the Classroom Directory to apply for an Artists in the Classroom (AIC) grant. Any BC-based professional artist can apply for AIC Grants. 

Key Dates

  • We are not accepting new applications for the 2021-22 School Year due to COVID-19
  • Applications will open for the 2022-23 School Year in October 2021

Directory Listing Benefits

Artists listed in the directory enjoy the following benefits:

One-Year Membership and Online Listing

Confirmed members of the Artists in the Classroom Directory are listed online for one year from the launch date.


  • One-time application fee, due at time of application – $25
  • Annual registration fee, due upon acceptance to the AICD – $50/year
  • Criminal record check through the BC Ministry of Justice's Criminal Records Review Program (you will be provided instructions upon acceptance) - $28/artist

The Ideal Candidate

A practicing professional artist with proven experience delivering arts-based projects in classrooms. We have a preference for artists who lead arts-integrated experiences. We particularly encourage artists from regions other than the Lower Mainland to consider applying.

ArtStarts is committed to providing students with accessible arts-based experiences in their schools and believe that intentional representation of equity-seeking groups an important part of this commitment. We take cultural safety and cultural appropriation seriously and are committed to ensuring that students are thoughtfully engaging with traditional knowledge and stories in context. For more information, please see our Anti-Oppression Guidelines.

In order to increase representation, we are prioritizing the following under-represented equity groups:

  • Artists of colour, especially Indigenous and Black women
  • Artists who identify as LGBT2QIA*, especially LGBT2QIA artists of colour
    *Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spririt, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual   
  • Artists living with a visible or invisible disability, especially disabled artists of colour

In order to ensure access, we have a sliding scale application fee for the groups noted above. Furthermore, if you are an artist who identifies as a member of the equity groups noted above, or a group that we may have missed, and require an accessibility accommodation, please connect with Lily Cryan, Program Coordinator, at [email protected] or 604-336-0626 / 1-855-292-7826 x111. 

How to Apply

All applications will be assessed by a jury of educators and artists who will evaluate your application based on the assessment rubric.

The application form will request the following:

  • Description of your art practice and artistic process
  • Details of a recent arts-based project you led in a classroom 
  • Evidence that you meet the definition of a professional artist or provide an artist CV
  • Art portfolio that shows your work as an artist (link to audio/video, images, or written materials)
  • A reference letters from an educator who can speak to your classroom experience 
  • Payment of your one-time application fee of up to $25

Next Steps for Successful Applicants

Should you be accepted into the AICD, you will be required to:

  • Pay the annual registration fee of $50
  • Agree to the terms stated in the AICD Artists Services Agreement
  • Submit photos, profile, testimonials and project examples
  • Artists must complete a criminal record check through the BC Ministry of Justice's Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP), available online, and ArtStarts must receive a clearance letter indicating no criminal record found for the purpose of working with children. Please note this criminal record check costs $28 per individual in your group and is to be paid directly by the artist.


Please contact Lily Cryan, Program Manager, at [email protected] or 604-336-0626 / 1-855-292-7826 x111.